Modern Church resources

This page lists resources on this site about Modern Church. There is introductory information on the About pages.

•  Modern Church and liberal theology by Jonathan Clatworthy, in Signs of The Times

•  Editorial on the centenary of our journal Modern Believing by Paul Badham

•  Eight page supplement on Modern Church, Church Times, 26th October 2007
Historical information
  • There is a brief summary on our history page.

On 'modern' theology

  • Different kinds of theology are called modern. The word 'modern' in our name dates from the early 20th century when we were associated with a movement called 'modernist'. Some of what it stood for in those days is now outdated; some is not.
  • Modernist theology - article in the 2006 World English edition of Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia by Paul Badham, reprinted with permission
From Signs Of The Times: