Modern Church has been a liberal influence in the churches for more than a century.

Most of our influence has been in the Church of England. Early in the twentieth century we encouraged the Church to accept divorce, contraception, evolution and theological scholarship, all of which were highly controversial at the time. We have argued for more lay involvement in church government while also supporting women priests. In the 1960s we supported the abolition of capital punishment while the arguments for retaining it were still heavily influenced by biblical texts.

More recently we have been supporting women bishops and arguing for full acceptance of gay and lesbian sexualities.

We were heavily involved in the Anglican Communion's debates about gay bishops from 2002 when an openly gay priest, Gene Robinson, was elected Bishop of New Hampshire. Our involvement continued until the proposed method for excluding gay bishops, the Anglican Covenant, was rejected by the Church of England's dioceses in 2012.

Nevertheless we are not a campaigning body as such. Our aim is to offer resources from a liberal perspective, as contributions to informed and open debate. Here is a selection of views from our members on the following issues: